Current subjects, Fall, 2014

3.012 : Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering

This course focuses on the fundamentals of structure, energetics, and bonding that underpin materials science.

3.320 : Atomistic Computer Modeling of Materials

Theory and application of atomistic computer simulations to model, understand, and predict the properties of real materials.


Other subjects

3.021 : Introduction to Modeling and Simulation

Introduction to Modeling and Simulation provides an introduction into modeling and simulation approaches, covering continuum methods(e.g. finite element analysis), atomistic simulation(e.g. molecular dynamics) as well as quantum mechanics.

3.29 : Computational Nanoscience for Energy

Materials for energy conversion and storage can be greatly improved by taking advantage of unique effects that occur at the nanoscale. In many cases, these improvements are due to fundamental microscopic mechanisms that can be understood and predicted by cutting-edge simulation methods. This course will provide students with the fundamentals of computational problem-solving techniques that are used to elucidate the atomic-scale behavior of energy conversion and storage nano-materials.